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Dribbble Invite Giveaway Winner!

Giveaways and Promotions
by: Amber Leigh Turner
Well the day has finally come to announce who won the Dribbble invite. Man, let me tell you. It was tough! I had such a hard time narrowing down images.

To give you a rundown of the contest: 18 people entered a total of 54 images (3 each). I finally narrowed it down to 7 people with 9 images (of which you will see below).

This was not easy to judge at all. I went back and forth between the images I had and the same quality images that were on Dribbble to help narrow them down. I also looked for conventional design things such as color, line, details, typography, etc to help as well. I still ended up with the 9 images below that I felt were very strong. I then picked a couple out of the pack that stood above the others and made sure they followed all the instructions given in the original announcement post.

One stood out to me however, and they are the one who I will be drafting later today. However, all of the finalists below deserve Dribbble invites in my opinion. I wish I had 6 more invites to give away because all of these people would have been drafted by me today. With that said, if I ever hear of anyone giving any invites away, or if I get more in the near future, these are the people who I will help promote to get an invite.

Below will give all the finalists (in no particular order) and the winner is announced below!

Fahlur Rozzi

Caleb Pardick

Brittani Franco

Sittitsak Jiampotjaman (Notjiam)

Juan Camilo Prada Ojeda

Daniele Di Stanio

Simon Jackson

And the winner is…

Congrats Brittani! I will be drafting you later today to Dribbble!

I picked Brittani’s mainly because of the attention to detail in her work. In the particular image above, she really looked at every element and made sure it was well designed. Overall great color scheme, outstanding typography, and really gave me the feeling that I was at a coffee shop. I can’t wait to see more of these shots on Dribbble.

Final Words

As I said above, everyone had amazing work and it was so very hard for me to pick the winner. SO HARD. Being a judge of design work isn’t easy, even for designers who love critiquing other’s work. Every finalist had really strong work, and that is why I posted the finalists.

Overall I am so thrilled that we had so many people enter and so much great work submitted. I never thought it would be so highly competitive, but there are alot of great designers and illustrators out there, and many of which should be on Dribbble.

(Lovely Dribbble cookie image credit: hellogeri on Flickr)