Students That Freelance

It is going to be an awesome summer!

by: Amber Leigh Turner
First off I should apologize for the lack of postings over the last few weeks. Things have been crazy busy here. Freelancing, school, you know. But have no fear, we are ramping things up for an exciting and action-packed summer full of the best freelancing tips and tricks for those student freelancers!

If you are a fan of us on Facebook, then you already know what caused the lack of postings last week. Nashville and Middle Tennessee (USA) got hit majorly bad with flooding, tornadoes and straight line winds. All of these elements have caused severe damage and devastation across the region I call home. This caused me to have no power and no internet for a period of time over last weekend, when I typically prep articles for the week. Because of all the severe flooding, my school also closed for a couple of days, and caused final exams to be all over the place at different times. This messed up my schedule as well when it comes to my school and freelancing work.

But now things are going back to normal and I am ready to bring you exciting new articles and features on the site that I am sure you will all love! Summer is a great time to start building your freelance business or to grow your business even more so we are going to take advantage of that!

Some of the exciting things we plan to bring you are:

  • Forums! Yes, I know I promised forums when we launched the site. I will be launching forums in the next week or so. They won’t look like the site at first, but I plan to work on making it look like the rest of the site. I have done some thinking, and figured that it is more important to have student freelancers collaborate together and share advice together than to wait til I can make the forums match the site. So look for forums in the next week or so!
  • Series articles! We are working on a couple of series articles that will feature contracts, portfolios, and others to help you get the ball rolling on your freelancing careers!
  • Product features! There are so many products out there to help you run your freelance business, so how could you ever narrow it down? We plan to feature some of these products and services so that you can help make your freelance life easier!

This is just the beginning of an awesome summer for student freelancers! We have a few other things in the works and can’t wait to bring them to you!